Our mission is to inspire and promote impactful solutions to identified issues through the power of civic engagement. 

Join our community action as we work towards the betterment of Rushland. 

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We are a nonpartisan group of concerned individuals dedicated to advocating, preserving, and improving the quality of life for the Village of Rushland, Pennsylvania. As a community network, we strive to work in partnership with the local, state, and federal entities, along with not-for-profit groups and the private sector, to achieve solutions that support the betterment and health of our community. Areas of concern include but are not limited to the following.

If you live within a few-mile radius of Rushland and identify as a resident of Rushland, regardless of which township you reside in, or are an individual interested in issues affecting the Rushland community, we would like to hear from you. Click here for more information.

Please subscribe, and join the discussion to help identify and prioritize areas of concern at an upcoming SaveRushland meeting.  When you join the SaveRushland community action network, we will email meeting updates along with any new information and volunteer opportunities. Please share this webpage with neighbors.


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